Triple X Token, an Inclusive Ecosystem with Advanced Features and High Rewards



Triple X Token is a token for the community.


Crypto has, of late, become a household name for most, but there are still several barriers to the mass adoption of the concept. A large part of the population is either unaware of the intricacies or doesn’t have the resources to access the space. With crypto and related domains in the blockchain space witnessing a tremendous rise, both in terms of user base and revenue, it’s imperative to build an inclusive ecosystem accessible to all. And this is precisely what Triple X intends to do.

The first 50 people to buy Triple X Token will receive 1 Cryptogirlz NFT for free (Floor price 0.2 ETH)


50 spots left!!

(min. 0.5 BNB contribution to receive the free NFT)

Please contact us if you need any assistance with the buying process.


Do not forget to add the Triple X Token to your wallet!

How to add a token to your Metamask

How to add a token to your Trustwallet


Tokens will be sent to your wallet immediately after your purchase! 


Triple X Token (TXT)


Presale rate: 1 BNB = 100 TXT

Listing rate: 1 BNB = 10 TXT

The salecontract is powered by

Token sale
Please use DApp browser/extension (e.g. Metamask)

Token info

Triple X Token (TXT)


Do not send BNB to the token contract!

Token sale status

Raised: of BNB

Tokens sold: of TXT

Remaining: BNB (~ TXT)

Buy tokens



You get: 0 TXT

You have contributed ? of ? BNB maximum purchase limit, can spend max. ? BNB more

In my wallet: TXT

Token sale information

Hardcap: BNB (~ TXT)

Rate: 1 BNB = TXT (~ BNB/TXT)

Purchase limit:




Sale contract

You can also buy tokens by sending BNB directly from your wallet to this contract
(please increase gas limit to 200,000 or even more for tokens with special functions like autoLP, swaps, etc.)


Referral program

Share your referral link and get paid instantly to your wallet for every referred token purchase.

Total paid to referrers: BNB

Referral commission: 10%

Your referral earnings: BNB

Share your referral link or QR code and get commission for referred token purchases instantly to your wallet.

F1 Challenge 2023

Some Keyfeatures of the Game:


  • Multiplayer game for Windows and Mac PCs 

  • Latest Car and track models in 3D

  • Leaderboard

  • NFT marketplace with NFT Minting, buy and sell functions 

  • Rewardsystem 

  • Real Formula 1 feeling 


In the Triple X Token ecosystem all the fees from services are pushed into the liquidity pool of the token to ensure liquidity at all times!

Triple X isn’t just a platform or project but an ecosystem comprising several sub-project, each offering a unique and seamless solution and an additional reward source to the community. The ecosystem will be decentralized in the true sense, meaning no central authority will govern it. Some of the sub-projects slated to be released by Triple X are:

  • NFT Marketplace

  • Blockchain Games (and a handheld gaming console)

  • Digital Exchange Wallet

  • Mobile App

  • Financial Services Marketplace

  • Payment Gateway

  • Crypto Visa Card (with rewards)

Triple X Eco (TXE) is part of the Triple X Token ecosystem. TXE is a payment solution in the upcoming blockchain game. The token can be earned in the game. Also in-game purchases such as special boosters can be done with the token. There also will be high rewards for TXE holders (staking). 

Your future depends on what you do today.

500 million tokens

Total and max supply


From ICO directly into liquidity, and locked for 10 years


From ICO into dev of the NFT marketplace and blockchain game and other services

Q1 2023

Triple X Token presale and

providing liquidity to Pancakeswap,

plus locking the liquidity for 1 year

Q2 2023

Token listing on major exchanges (KuCoin, Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, etc.)

Q3 2023 and Q4 2023

Launch NFT marketplace and blockchain game

Triple X ICO is powered by



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